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Journal «Management and Business Administration»

The journal aims to provide a comprehensive theoretical-methodological and practical-oriented information for the target audience, systematized in accordance with the rubrication and aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of management processes at the macro-, meso- and micro levels of management.

The key values of the journal are: multilevel and complex analytics; reflection of the best domestic and foreign management practices; tolerance, careful attitude to the presentation of the views of various economic and managerial schools; priority innovative and social orientation of the subject; close connection with the needs of professional training of managerial personnel; restraint and competence.

The journal is intended for executives and specialists of administrative structures, business, scientific and university organizations, MBA students and graduate students of economics and management specialties.


The publisher is the Publishing house "Ekonomicheskaya Gazeta". It was formed in 1991 by the editorial staff of the weekly "Economics and Life".

The powerful scientific and practical potential allows the Publishing house "Ekonomicheskaya Gazeta" to promote the development and dissemination of knowledge in the field of economics and management, the competent solution of business problems of domestic companies, the construction of a knowledge economy.

Main headings of the journal:

  • Theory and history of management
  • State and municipal management
  • The branch management
  • Strategic management
  • Corporate management
  • Marketing and Logistics
  • Production Management
  • Innovation management
  • Investment management
  • Financial management
  • Management of organizational development
  • Social Management
  • Management education
  • HR Management
  • Scientific Life
  • Scientific Reports
  • Reviews and Bibliography

The journal «Management and Business Administration» is included in Russian Science Citation Index and in the list of HAC – Higher Attestation Commission in the following specialties:

  • 5.2.4. Finance (economic sciences),
  • 5.2.3. Regional and sectoral economics (economic sciences),
  • 5.2.6. Management (economic sciences).

The certificate of registration of mass media – ПИ № ФС77-27507 от 09.03.2007
International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) –

Technical characteristics:

  • Volume: 180-216 pages
  • Format: 70х108/16
  • Frequency: 4 times a year
  • Circulation: 1,000 copies
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